What We Plant

We plant varieties and cultivars based on our experience growing in Canyon County since 2007. Some named cultivars just do better in a high desert irrigated environment. These are our choices, your favorites may be different. We select for flavor, size, cold vigor, heat tolerance and early maturity. As for taste, this is what we like on our table and what is popular with our consumers.

This is what we are preparing for spring planting in 2014:

Cherry tomato: "Chadwick Cherry"

Slicing tomato: "Trinity"

Roma tomato: "Health Kick" determinate, 75 days

Bell pepper: "Revolution" large, blocky fruit, early maturing

Sweet pepper: "Costa Rican sweet"

Broccoli: "Castle Dome" early maturing hybrid broccoli with excellent holding characteristics..

Cabbage: "K-Y Cross" tender, sweet

Head lettuce: "Cristino"


Buttercrunch lettuce: "Harmony"

Slicing cucumber: either "Muncher" or "Diva"

Butternut Squash: "Betternut 900"

Acorn Squash: "Carnival"

Green Zucchini: "Spineless Perfect"

Yellow Zucchini: "Multi-Pick"

Cantalopue: "Goddess"