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Who We Are and How to Contact Us

Trinity Community Gardens, Inc. is managed by Dale and Sheila Anderson and Paula Blaseg.

Dale and Sheila can be reached by telephone at 208-442-0535,

and by email at:          trinitygardensinc@yahoo.com

Paula Blaseg can be reached at 208-899-7000

All three principals are University of Idaho Advanced Master Gardeners.

Dale and Sheila Anderson started their first vegetable garden in Bellingham, Washington. Times were hard and they had to stretch their food budget. The area available was small, so they planted more intensively than the seed packets directed and found that they grew much more produce and had fewer weeds than other gardeners in the area. Lenard Vader was a special friend who gave them gardening tips. Dale took his Master Gardening class in in Washington and did his volunteer hours at Hovander Park.  Sheila qualified as a Master Gardener in Canyon County.

Paulette Blaseg had early exposure to vegetable gardening. She remembers as a preschooler she and her sister napped on a blanket under the apple tree while her mother worked in the garden. Somewhere in the garden was always a patch of California poppies and other annual flowers as a play place for the girls. Although garden work wasnít mandatory,it was always encouraged. Even with the short growing season in the middle of Montana, it was good exposure to a variety of vegetables and their wonderful tastes.

Her first garden as a young adult was in South Dakota on a patch of pure sand. That was a real learning experience and was her fist connection with receiving advice from a Master Gardener through the Extension Service. She began looking for an opportunity to attend the Master Gardening class.

There have been very few years in her life that she hasnít had a food garden. From South Dakota, on to Montana, and in 2005 she and Garry brought the family to southwest Idaho for a warmer climate and better garden growing conditions. She also had the opportunity for Master Gardening training from Ron Galloway.

Paulette keeps a 500 square foot vegetable garden in her Nampa back yard, and produces the vegetable seedlings for the annual plant sale at St. Paulís Catholic Church in Nampa which usually features more than 50 tomato varieties and at least 30 pepper varieties.
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